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Moon-Earth Vacuum Machine
Converts Energy from Space

Talk radio veteran and successful PTSD pioneer digs more deeply into what goes on in the background to cause gravity to do work.

GRANTS PASS, Ore., Jan. 26, 2011 -- If Masters is right we shall be soon running industries, cities, homes and even travel through space without stopping for fuel. In "Tidal Forces: A Different Theory," as presented at Caltech to the American Physical Society on Oct. 30, 2010, Roy Masters revisits the theories describing the moon raising the tides by virtue of pull gravity combined with the moon's centripetal angular momentum. Masters suggests that if gravity is considered the attractive interaction emanating from individual bodies, then a working moon would have fallen to earth eons ago. 

Masters, founder of the nonprofit Foundation of Human Understanding and the nation's first and longest-running radio counselor, explains:  “What is going on in the background to make local gravity behave as described in the Newton and Einstein laws of motion cannot be explained with pull gravity emanating only from masses, but they do with Einstein's gravity as a property of the universe, which is viewed as producing a continuous infusion of energy. The Moon-Earth system may be powered, in part, by the first observable vacuum gravity energy machine that is adding energy to the Earth’s rotation.”

The dynamics of what has been assumed to be a closed system has been producing energy that continues raising the tides, causing frictional heat that is released into space and also increasing the moon’s speed so as to increase the size of its orbit by approximately 4 cm per year. This is presently understood as resulting from energy transferred from the slowing rotation of the earth as it interacts gravitationally with the tides and the moon.

Masters questions whether what is observed to be going on can be accounted for without either assuming an infusion of energy into the earth’s rotation or abandoning the law of conservation of energy—which physicists would be loathe to do.    "Even taking into account other factors that affect the system, the moon would either have stopped speeding up or the earth slowed down even more than has actually occurred unless some sort of hitherto unnoticed infusion of energy is occurring -- perhaps a vacuum gravity energy machine mechanism adding energy to and sustaining the earth's rotation, as I have proposed elsewhere. If the energy inputs and outputs to the Earth-moon-ocean system do not add up without assuming such an infusion, this would tend to confirm that something like what I have proposed may be going on at a deeper level than, and provide and underlying explanation for, the local gravitational effects that Newton's and Einstein's laws directly measure and summarize. This hint may lead us to deeper insight about what goes on behind the scenes."

Contemporary physicists can pretty much predict almost everything with equations but as yet has no satisfactory explanation for what is going on behind the scenes to make local gravity behave the way it does.   We still don't know what gravity is, at a deep level. Presently science measures local gravity up to its vanishing point into the immeasurable vacuum as the inverse square, and has usually thought of gravity as fundamentally a pull emanating from masses in their interaction with space.


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In 1963, Roy formed the Foundation of Human Understanding, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people resolve their problems. For 52 years, he has served as a daily voice of sanity and conscience to listeners of his radio show Advice Line. In 2009 he sent 6,000 counter hypnotic CD’s for PTSD to the 82nd airborne in Afghanistan, the media recently reporting puzzlement concerning the sudden 29% drop decrease in suicides from there. Roy is the author of more than a dozen books available on Amazon. Two of these are "How You Mind Will Make You Well" and "The Road Back from Despair to Meaning and Happiness".


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Why not reverse what gravity is currently assumed to be, and make it an immeasurable force flowing from space measurably against all massive bodies, somewhat a like river current piling up force against an assortment of rocks with proportionality from a single current. In other words, the immeasurable force from what we call space becomes measurable only where it is locally compressed against a mass? By reversing the inverse square measurement and making gravity appear from space instead of disappearing into it, then three dimensions of force will be seen converging toward the center of mass great power instead it being a pathetic gravity pulling and sucking from nothing. Viewing gravity as a property of space, he says that we shall be soon running industries, cities, homes and even travel through space without stopping for fuel.

If energizing space is pushing up the oceans, the moon does not provide energy, gravity is. In his thesis he explains how the moon Earth system is powered by the first naturally functioning vacuum energy machine that boosts the earth’s rotation. Engineers might never copy the moon Earth system of energy from space, but it could serve as evidence of just one of an infinite array of heavenly variations that can.
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